Your essence, a poem by Tabatha

The sun’s light creeps slowly up to you.

Your face, once shadowed and dark

Now illuminated in golden beauty.

Your eyelashes as soft in color as smoke,

Behind them: eyes of glorious blue hidden by an eyelid or two.

I reach out and lift your chin,

Your warm lips invite me to trespass.

No longer are we in darkness.

Body, soul and mind unite at once

With this simple yet breathtaking moment.

I kiss you tenderly and mild.

Not to disturb you, I back away.

Soft, shallow breaths escape your lungs.

Your chest rises and falls with mine.

In this moment I know I love you.

Your hair of gold shimmers

As the sun drapes itself across you.

A splash of brown here or there,

Perfect like a colorful painting.

I come across your nakedness,

And the muscularity of your shoulders.

I wish I was nestled in that spot now,

Feeling your heart beating next to my ear,

As I smiled to myself, enchanted.

Can’t look away, I’m too intrigued.

I force my eyes to close in utter discontent.

Tears find way to my eyelids, press themselves out.

The sunlight warms my face,

Evaporates my tears as simply as they fall.

My mouth whispers gently “I love you”

Open my eyes, see you looking at me

With piercing eyes that search my soul.

Your lips form a smile, arms pulling me close.

Your hair tickles my forehead as we kiss.

We lie together close and warm.

“Don’t cry” I hear you say,

Your voice like caramel, oh so smooth.

“I love you too”

(C) Tabatha Goughneour 2009

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