Sleeping near sunshine

Falling asleep next to him,

Holding his little hand close to my heart,

Fills me with happy tears.

I move my hand away to let his little arm rest on his side,

He grabs for my hand again.

His long blonde hair falling over his shoulders,

So soft to the touch.

I can’t contain my emotions,

Clear as day falling to my shirt.

I have never knew love like the love for a child,

This child..

That I created and who changed my life forever,

This happy ray of sunshine,

Who can turn any frown into a smile,

And who has the biggest most beautiful heart.

His little chest rising and falling with each breath,

His smile from time to time tells me

Of his dreams of adventure and happiness.

I soak these moments in,

Feelings his little hand in mine,

Brushing his hair from his face,

Hugging him tight because I know,

Soon he will be too big to hold my hand.

Too big to want to snuggle.




Is beautiful with him in my life.

I will never take him for granted.

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