Strange feelings

My beautiful cousin started a blog and because I was in a mental slump and unable to write poetry, I haven’t been on here in awhile. I realized though after reading her thoughts on my screen and how it ignited a flame inside me to write as well I am back. I can blog, write poetry and use this as my avenue to get through the tough things in life and maybe, just maybe it will help someone else. My mind and heart are numb as I currently sit outside this building on base because of what is inside..what this means for me and what changes it will bring to my life. I will share them all with you in due time, I promise. I just wanted to put words to page and release the sadness in my own sort of way. I haven’t been able to feel and have time to grieve and I worry about when it will hit me. Will I be at the grocery store or walking down the street holding my little ones hands? Will it be well later in life and I will finally feel it all? Heartache is hard to describe and hard to know what comes with it in a physical and mental capacity. What I can tell you though is that I need every bit of good vibes in the next few months and years as I work through some of the tough times and please be there with me at the end when I need guiding hands and love. (I know you will be).

Thank you for joining me on this journey either through poetry or blog 🙂 all my love, Tabatha

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