Behind the mask

With the mask comes a script,

Ensuring optimal IG worthy posts

My mind writes methodically.

Perfect pictures, tons of emoticons and not a hint of any problems.

For I am the “picture perfect accessory”.

Any small misstep, the questions began,

Then it is my fault things are falling apart,

Never any simple acknowledgement of fault.

Momentary feeling of freedom,

Music cranked up while dancing around the house.

That feeling deep down propels me forward

Keeps my heart content to endure.

Then I watch a romantic movie,

My therapy and also my pain.

I think to myself that I want love like that,

Love where I can feel free, supported and quenched.

Love that does not come with a price tag or expectation,

One that is pure and thrilling to its core.

One day love will find me one day.

Behind the mask I will wait

Writing in here to maintain sanity.

One day.

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