Sleeping near sunshine

Falling asleep next to him,

Holding his little hand close to my heart,

Fills me with happy tears.

I move my hand away to let his little arm rest on his side,

He grabs for my hand again.

His long blonde hair falling over his shoulders,

So soft to the touch.

I can’t contain my emotions,

Clear as day falling to my shirt.

I have never knew love like the love for a child,

This child..

That I created and who changed my life forever,

This happy ray of sunshine,

Who can turn any frown into a smile,

And who has the biggest most beautiful heart.

His little chest rising and falling with each breath,

His smile from time to time tells me

Of his dreams of adventure and happiness.

I soak these moments in,

Feelings his little hand in mine,

Brushing his hair from his face,

Hugging him tight because I know,

Soon he will be too big to hold my hand.

Too big to want to snuggle.




Is beautiful with him in my life.

I will never take him for granted.

My Sunshine

The moment I laid eyes on you,

My world changed forever.

Colors became instantly brighter,

Smells and sounds more intense.

It was like living life through a different lens.

My every move, every breath was for you and your happiness.

They put you in my arms after you were born, your tiny body weighing only six pounds.

I remember being so afraid,

So afraid I would hold my precious jewel wrong or not be the Momma you hoped for.

Now I live every day to be the Momma you hoped for.

My reason for living became clear to me,

And I vowed to never leave your side,

To make you happy and comfortable in life ,

And support you in whatever you wanted to do.


I would spend hours just breathing you in,

Kissing your baby smooth forehead and playing with your beautiful blonde locks in between my fingers.

I would hold you close and feel your little heartbeat and smile to myself at how lucky I am.

The word “love” took on an entirely new meaning the moment you entered my life.

With that love, I promise I will love you unconditionally, support you in your dreams and help you see how wonderful you are always.

You just never cease to amaze me with your intelligence and how quickly you learn.

You make my heart swell with pride because you have such a kind heart and care for those around you.

You are caring, always offering a hug when you feel someone is sad with your little arms and kissing their hand or cheek.

I couldn’t have asked for a better son,

My sunshine.

I look forward to watching you grow into a man,

I know you will do big things, Luke.

Always believe in yourself,

Don’t have regrets because we all make mistakes and live life to the fullest with your eyes full of wonder and love.

You are stronger than you will ever know and can do anything your little heart desires,

don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.

Cherish your big heart and guard it when needed.

I will always be here for you my sunshine.

You are my heart living outside my chest. You are my world and my life.

Love Momma,


(C) Tabatha Goughneour March 2019