Absence, a poem by Tabatha

The cold covers like a blanket,

Your warmth an inviting embrace.

A tear burns as it simmers my cheek.

Your presence beside me: heavenly.

I don’t love you just for who you are,

But who I am when I am with you.

Death reaches across the room to put me in its horrific grip.

You are there to make me believe,

With you I want to be better.

You see what no one sees,

You have found the good in me.

Your absence how it tears me apart.

My heart lies within your hands,

My head level with the ground.

I spit up blood, cough up dirt

While you let me wonder.

Where did you go?

Was this ever real?

I can’t see anything but darkness,

I know you are my light.

Your face is all I want to see,

Feeling your arms around me

Such a tempting little treat

To make me rise above my fall.

You had your chance to stay,

You left and pronounced your love.

Why must I then lie in darkness,

My only light distinguished by tears

And my fears escaping my body

Are there for you to trap.

Breathe life into me,

Don’t leave me like this.

Find me or I’m gone forever to sea.

Written after my first big heartbreak 2008.

(C) Tabatha Goughneour

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